Friday, November 12, 2010

Frankie’s Fantastic Piano is book one of The Adventures of Frankie More series. Although the story was written primarily for young adult readers, it is being enjoyed by parents and grandparents as well.

The character Frankie More is the fictionalized version of my longtime songwriting partner Frankie Moreno, who was a classically trained musical child prodigy before branching out into many other styles to become the multi-talented virtuoso that he is today. Currently featured on Joshua Bell’s number one bestselling album At Home with Friends, Frankie is managing to balance his full time music career with his much loved role as a family man. After reading the book, here is what he has to say…

“This story is the childhood I would have had... if only my piano was magical! My two boys Giovanni and Luciano love this book. They stayed interested through the whole thing which is rare. I think it's fantastic how history is intertwined with fiction so children can learn and be entertained at the same time. Lots of fun!”

Frankie Moreno

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